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Smoking During Pregnancy

from: Beverley Brooke

If you have been drinking up until the point when you become pregnant or smoking it is also vital that you stop doing so immediately. Many women worry that they consumed a few alcoholic drinks prior to learning they were pregnant. If you are concerned you should talk with your healthcare provider. Chances are that everything will be just fine as long as you stop immediately. At this time there are no recommended safe limits of alcohol to consume during pregnancy, thus it is best that you avoid alcohol all together.

Smoking is equally as harmful for a mother during pregnancy. Smoking can also affect your unborn fetus, potentially contributing to birth defects or respiratory problems later in life. Did you know that when you smoke your baby is receiving less oxygen than they normally would? This can cause your baby to grow less rapidly than they might normally, and may also contribute to preterm labor, which can be potentially life threatening for your infant.

If you are a smoker when you find out you are pregnant, be sure to consult with your healthcare provider immediately about your condition. Your healthcare provider can work with you to develop a plan for quitting that is manageable and something you can learn to live with during your pregnancy. There are also numerous support groups available for mothers who are trying to quit during and even after pregnancy. Remember that the sooner you quit smoking, the sooner you start providing your unborn child with the best possible outcome for a healthy and safe delivery and later life.

Here are some avenues of support if you are trying to quite smoking during pregnancy:

National Partnership to Help Pregnant Smokers Quit

The American Legacy Foundation

About the Author

Article by Beverley Brooke, author of "Ensure A Healthy Pregnancy For You And Your Baby And Lose Weight After Pregnancy" - visit http://www.pregnancy-weight-loss.com for more on a range of pregnancy health issues

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