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Do You Fear Impotence?

from: Jane Kriese

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Date of copyright; May 15/ 05

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Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.) is a medical condition affecting more than 50% of men between 40 and 70 years of age. E.D. is the consistent inability of a man to get or maintain an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual activity.

Causes of impotence can be psychological or physical. Some of the physical causes may interfere with normal circulation of blood within the penis such as; high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, some medications, nerve damage, kidney or liver disease and other vascular conditions .Other causes can be poor life style, (little or no exercise, poor diet and eating habits), cigarette smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol.

You are now wondering, “how do I tell the difference between psychological or physical
impotence?” This self-test will help you distinguish between the two.

Self test for psychological impotence; Buy a few one cent postage stamps. Glue a strip of stamps around the shaft of the penis before going to bed. If the ring of stamps is broken in the morning, the cause of impotence is probably physiological. If the strip is unbroken the cause is probably physical.

You are now about to start to eliminate the cause of your impotence;
If you have a life style disease, now is the time to cure that disease. To learn more visit www.herbs4health.net and down load the E-Book “9 Steps To A Healthy Vibrant Body”.

Make changes in your life style; eat a healthy well balanced diet, avoid animal meat, sugar, fried food, junk food and alcohol, quit smoking, exercise at least three times a week, reduce the stress in your life and get plenty of rest.

If you are taking medications ask the doctor about the side affects of that drug.
Take herbal supplements. We all need vitamins, minerals, calcium, and magnesium.
All men should take “Saw Palmetto”, it is best known for its effect on sexual function and prostate. It helps to build new tissue and restore function. If you are suffering from stress or an inability to sleep try “Valerian”, this herb helps people relax and it improves the sleep quality. For all circulatory problems take a cardiovascular formula.
Impotency can affect your self esteem, your relationship, your job and your self image.
By changing your life style and rebuilding your body, you can regain your old prowess, as well as a healthy, vibrant body.

© 2005 Jane Kriese janes-store@telus.net
Would you like to have a Healthy Vibrant Body?
To learn more, sign up for Jane Kriese's
Herbs For Health Newsletter, and receive your
free alkalinity testing kit at;

About the Author

I am the web master for the site, www.herbsforhealthstore.biz,
I love to study, and write articles, about holistic cures for life style diseases. It is exciting to educate people, and watch as they change their life style by, introducing holistic products, and new habits, into their life. Many of these people have healed their bodies. The holistic world is full of hope and joy, and I believe with effort we can have a healthy vibrant body.


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