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Time to quit smoking

from: Willie Krut

Love and cigarettes have many things in common. They say that a relation is very much like a cigarette: you have to put an end to it, before it hurts you. Also, if you look at somebody who quitted smoking recently and somebody who broke up not long time ago, youíll see a lot of resemblances. The comparison between love and a cigarette is quite accurate, with the specification that a relation can be with the right person, and, in that case it canít hurt you, but a cigarette, no matter how light it is, itís always harmful!
When do people usually quit smoking? Unfortunately, they wait until one morning when they look in the mirror and notice how yellow their teeth are, how bad their skin looks and how awful they cough; in other words, much more later than they should. If you find yourself in the same situation or close to it, that means youíve just become or youíre about to become conscious about the fact that you have a problem.
Once you realize what your problem is, you get down to business and try to solve it Ė obviously by quitting smoking. First week after quitting cigarettes is idealistic Ė you breathe easier, your hands donít smell bad anymore and, since youíre so determined, you think you can break any records.
Nevertheless, you should also expect to go through a period when you feel capable of killing for a smoke. Lack of nicotine will also affect you physically, not only mentally. Youíll find yourself in great pain, in a bad mood, just as if you quitted taking drugs. When you go through precisely the period described above, keep away thoughts like: Iíll smoke only one more and then Iíll realty quit Ė once you start smoking again, you suffered all that pain in vain. On the other hand, try not to:
ēStart drinking, instead of smoking. Itís even worse.
ēKeep any lights around or ashtrays Ė they will represent too much of a temptation.
ēEncourage you friends to smoke next to you, just to show them how tough you are.
Keep in mind that there are thousands of people on this planet trying to quit smoking, so you are not alone. Try to get more information regarding the amount of evil cigarettes do to you. Watch TV, read magazines, go on line, or even try to get professional help, because once you did made your decision to quit smoking and you respected it for more than two weeks, itís a pity to give up.
Many persons, and not only women, have confessed that they are afraid to gain considerable weight, when quitting smoking. Specialists have not denied this fear. They do admit that we have to use something in order to compensate for the cigarettes we donít smoke anymore. Usually lack of cigarettes is compensated by candies, which served in great quantities will result into a lot of body fat; chewing gum, which actually stimulates our gastric juice and makes us hungry more often.
Nevertheless you have to assume all those risks and try to diminish the unpleasant effects by exercising a lot, because otherwise, the problems to deal with will be even more considerable than a few extra pounds.
To learn more how to improve yourself visit the
http://www.welcome-to-self-improvement.com site.
Help Yourself While Helping Others In Need. 10% Of All Proceeds Are Donated To Help Support The National Childrenís Cancer Society.

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Willie Krut is the core provider of a selection of self help products that truly help people to improve their life, health and career. Subscribe to the free Willie's Newsletter, visit the
http://www.welcome-to-self-improvement.com site.


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